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PepsiCo - Super Bowl 50
Emotive Digital teamed up with PepsiCo for the 2016 Super Bowl 50 Campaign. The campaign was conducted in the San Francisco-Bay Area of Northern California. Throughout the course of the campaign, The campaign increased sales of in-store refrigerated PepsiCo products by 250% in a side-by-side comparison with control stores. Despite the trial period completion, sales continue to climb to this day. 

Coca-Cola C-Store Solutions

Emotive Digital's refrigerator platforms generated a 55% increase in views when compared side-by-side to standard refrigerator platforms. This resulted in 69% of consumers suggesting the platform influenced their purchasing decisions and a 65% increase in overall Coca-Cola brand sales.

Emotive Digital has worked with Aquacai - an artisanal bottled water company based out of the Panamas. The approach taken was to create interactive content for our refrigerator units that captured Aquacai's story from the natural water filtration, all the way to the bottling process and share it with consumers. This resulted in an increased average of in-store sales from 10 cases weekly to over 300 cases weekly during the trial period of January 2015 to April 2015. 

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